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Banana diet for weight loss: when is acceptable and how to follow

Banana diet for weight loss
Banana diet for weight loss

One of the most interesting and incomprehensible questions remains the question of the possibility of losing weight on bananas. Is it possible to eat bananas in the fight against overweight, or vice versa, they exacerbate this difficult struggle?


  1. General Banana Facts
  2. Mechanisms for weight loss with bananas
  3. Comprehensive Banana Effect on Weight and Diet
  4. Health Benefits of Bananas
  5. Contraindications to the banana diet
  6. Adverse (side) effects
  7. Options for losing weight with a banana as part of a diet
  8. Typical Banana Diet
  9. Who will benefit from a banana diet and how much it will help to lose
  10. Bananas for weight loss (in terms of sports nutrition)
  11. What is the best time to eat bananas?
  12. 7-day banana-kefir-oat diet
  13. Recipes
    1. Fried bananas
    2. Strawberry Lemon Banana Smoothie For Breakfast

General Banana Facts

Bananas are very healthy, nutritious, and moreover, delicious tropical fruits. In a number of diets, they are included in the allowed foods, according to other sources, you can’t eat bananas because of the high calorie content and high sugar content. In addition, not only the fetus itself is useful, but also its skin. They are saturated with important vitamins and minerals. With the correct use of bananas, the stomach and intestines begin to work more efficiently, the activity of the heart and the vascular system normalizes, and processes to eliminate excess fluid are activated.

Mechanisms for weight loss with bananas

In its composition, a banana contains a fairly high amount of potassium, due to which it is possible to remove sodium salts from the body, which in turn will help reduce swelling. In addition, potassium has a beneficial effect on the function of the heart muscle and lowers the level of pressure in the arteries.

The content of oligosaccharide compounds (sucrose, fructose, glucose) is also high, however, its glycemic index is 18 units. This tropical product cannot cause drastic changes in glucose levels, and is an important dietary product for people with hypoglycemia (lowered glucose). The sugar and inulin contained in the banana do not undergo the process of splitting and digestion in the body. And at the same time, a sharp desire to “sweeten” a person on a diet also does not appear.

Crude fiber and pectin are important elements in the composition of a banana, which can well cleanse the intestinal tube and satisfy hunger for a long time. With severe mental and physical exertion, a banana is one of the best sources of much-needed energy. Also, a banana contains a little more than 0.1% fat, which also plays into the hand when dieting.

Moreover, a banana diet is able to favorably influence the state of mood, as people on a diet are often depressed or aggressive. This is possible due to the presence of an important amino acid – tryptophan, which in the process of reactions is converted into a hormone of joy called serotonin. A positive state of mood directly affects the favorable result of a diet.

Comprehensive Banana Effect on Weight and Diet

  • Bananas affect the estrogen background in women, controlling the production of this hormone and, accordingly, affecting body weight;
  • Activate the metabolic processes of important substances;
  • Favorably affect the function of the stomach with the goal of timely and complete digestion of food, which also affects weight;
  • Remove excess fluid;
  • They have a peculiar sedative effect by reducing the production of the hormone cortisol (stress hormone), which is almost the main factor in overeating and the presence of obesity;
  • Provide indicators important for physical exercises – strength, endurance, performance, affect the speedy post-load recovery;
  • Due to fiber, they provide saturation for a long time.

The first injustice to bananas lies in rumors about their excessive calorie content. In fact, their calorie content is not so great. If low-calorie foods are considered foods with an energy value of less than 100 kilocalories per 100 grams, then the calorie content of one fruit weighing about 140 grams is 134 kilocalories.

The second untruth is connected with the supposedly excessively high amount of sugar in the fruit. The tasty pulp of the fruit from the tropics contains twelve grams of sugar per 100 grams of product, in 1 pc. banana – 16 grams. These numbers are in no way correlated with spoons of regular sugar, as many prejudicedly think. Moreover, bananas in their composition contain fructose and glucose, which are completely natural and not as harmful as artificial sugars for the body.

Health Benefits of Bananas

In addition, in losing weight, fruit is an important element of nutrition, it also has general strengthening qualities:

  • A positive effect on the functioning of the liver and gall bladder;
  • They help cleanse the skin from acne-like rashes;
  • They help increase hemoglobin levels, normalize cholesterol levels and balance vascular pressure;
  • Relieve symptomatic heartburn and constipation;
  • Affect the activity of the brain, improve the quality of attention;
  • Contribute to the rejection of alcohol-containing drinks and smoking;
  • Favorably affect sleep;
  • Affect muscle tissue repair;
  • Due to the content of potassium, help strengthen the heart;
  • Due to the presence of a huge amount of nutrient nutrients in the composition, losing weight with bananas does not cause a vitamin deficiency state.

Contraindications to the banana diet

  • Allergic condition
  • Sugar diabetes (diabetics are only allowed moderate intake of bananas, so they are not shown a banana diet);
  • Obesity of late stages, for example, 4 stages;
  • Chronic pathology of the stomach, pancreas, as well as the liver and kidneys;
  • Circulatory ailments – varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, high activity of blood coagulation;
  • Tendency to symptoms of bloating and diarrhea;
  • Recent heart attack or stroke conditions;
  • Losing weight during pregnancy and lactation with a banana diet is not recommended, but bananas themselves are not prohibited.

Adverse (side) effects

  • allergic phenomena;
  • weight gain, not its reduction;
  • transition to the acute phase of chronic pathologies;
  • increase in blood viscosity;
  • may develop an ulcer or gastritis;
  • flatulence (bloating) of the abdomen, active fermentation processes.

It should be noted: if a person plans to lose weight for a long period of time, then he should get the advice of a doctor. If harmful or adverse events occur, you need to stop observing the banana diet and search for a more harmless product for further weight loss.

Options for losing weight with a banana as part of a diet

Most dieters like to include fasting banana days in their diet plan:

  • classic approach: 1 fruit for five meals;
  • kefir and banana for weight loss: to the classical approach one liter of kefir is added (fat. 1%);
  • use of green tea: kefir is replaced with a cup of green tea (a prerequisite is its naturalness), without sugar and milk, it is possible to add cinnamon or lemon;
  • cottage cheese with banana: half a kilogram of curd product is added (0% fat.);
  • with apple: during the day it is recommended to eat bananas and apples in an amount of three pieces, with their alternation;
  • “Cocktail approach”: in addition to each of the five meals, a glass of fat-burning cocktail is added, for example, kefir with a banana.

As a result of such compliance, weight loss by 0.5-1.5 kilograms will become real, an effective cleansing of the intestinal tube will take place, harmful and excess toxins and liquid will go away. The best option would be to carry out such unloading once a week, choosing one day of the week and constantly observing it for at least 1-2 months.

Typical Banana Diet

Short description: low-calorie, protein; compliance deadlines – for 3 days and up to one month, the result – the ability to remove 3 kg per week period; complexity is medium.

It should be noted that the banana diet is very nutritious and tasty. Among its basic principles:

  • Calories per day – 1500 kcal (women) and 1800 kcal (men);
  • A categorical rejection of fatty and harmful high-calorie dishes;
  • Permanent exercise in sports;
  • Eat three to five tropical fruits per day;
  • The basis of the diet is low-calorie, starch-free vegetables and fruits; eggs, seafood, low-fat fish and meat, dairy food.

Who will benefit from a banana diet and how much it will help to lose

One of the main features of the banana diet is that it is easily tolerated, weight loss, if observed, will be about 0.5-1 kg per day. The right step with this diet is to observe fasting days with bananas, for example, 1-2 times a month. The number of options for banana diets is very large, they are different, with a view to a different duration, with different compatibility with other products. Moreover, a banana diet can help resolve other issues:

  • For example, “clean” from toxins, toxins and excess fluid;
  • Banana pulp contains catecholamines, which have a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes of the stomach and duodenum (for example, with ulcers);
  • It can help quit smoking, which is associated with the presence of B vitamins in a tropical delicacy, as well as an element of magnesium, which helps fight nicotine addiction;
  • Banana has the ability to remove harmful cholesterol from the body and lower blood pressure levels, which is especially important for atherosclerosis and hypertension;
  • It performs useful functions for muscle cramps, constipation, stressful conditions and insomnia.

However, the “reverse side of the coin” should be noted right away: with excessive use of banana products lasting more than a week, there is a risk of harm to the body.

Bananas for weight loss (in terms of sports nutrition)

A tropical product is one of the most beloved fruits among athletes. Bananas help both lose weight and support the restoration of strength after active exercise. That is why it is recommended to eat them after training. The potassium and magnesium contained in them help to avoid the appearance of seizures, reduce the intensity of pain in the muscles, favorably affect the state of the nervous system. Also, thanks to the use of bananas, all lactic acid formed during physical exercise will be excreted from the body without delay.

What is the best time to eat bananas?

An important rule is their ban on the main consumption of food and it is undesirable to eat a banana at night with weight loss. Since bananas have the property of long absorption (about forty minutes), they are able to initiate the appearance of heartburn and “gastric” severity. The most favorable time for their intake is post-training time, with the goal of a speedy recovery process (one option is milk or kefir-banana shake). Due to the fact that the tropical fruit contains an important portion of energy, increases overall activity and a sense of endurance, there are bananas for weight loss as a snack before exercise (preferably 30 minutes before it starts). Its reception as part of the afternoon snack menu will allow you to calmly (without hunger) hold out until further meals. However, given the presence in the banana of an increased concentration of glucose,eat it better in the morning.

7-day banana-kefir-oat diet

The basis of this diet is to take a smoothie from the listed components, which you need to take three times a day. Although oatmeal is a high-calorie cereal, it contains a very important amount of coarse beneficial fiber, which helps to get enough energy for a long time and gives a feeling of fullness. Fiber, which is in bananas, will help to clean and remove intestinal toxins, and kefir or yogurt will contribute to the normalization of intestinal microflora and improve peristaltic function. To hold out on such a diet for a whole week will be a difficult task, but weight loss in this case can be about seven kilograms.


Fried bananas

banana-kefir-oat diet
banana-kefir-oat diet


  • 1 PC. banana
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • Rast.massel – 20 gr.

How to cook

  1. For this dessert, it is preferable to take greenish bananas so that in the process of cooking you do not get mashed potatoes (you need to select the most dense fruits), we clear it.
  2. Cut the banana in half, sprinkle each of the halves with cinnamon (to taste).
  3. In a heated pan with already poured raises. butter, put the banana blanks, fry over moderate heat for up to 20 seconds.
  4. An important condition is not to overcook the fruit. Turn the banana slices over, fry for about 15 seconds.
  5. If you don’t really want to eat oil, you can try not to use fat when frying, but there is a risk that our workpieces will stick to the pan.
  6. We put ready-made bananas on a plate, add honey.

Strawberry Lemon Banana Smoothie For Breakfast

Banana Smoothie For Breakfast
Banana Smoothie For Breakfast


  • 1 pc. – lemon, banana,
  • up to 150 grams of strawberries,
  • 130 g of water
  • to taste – honey.

How to cook

  1. Wash all the fruits. Peel the lemon, grate the zest (about half a teaspoon will turn out).
  2. Squeeze the lemon and get the juice (quantity – to taste). Peel the banana, cut.
  3. Add to the blender and mix the banana and lemon juice.
  4. We remove the ponytails from the strawberries, add to the blender, mix to a homogeneous consistency.
  5. Add a thin stream of water, honey – to taste.
  6. Additionally – lemon zest, cool in the refrigerator for up to 15 minutes.

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